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  • FCDS IDEA requires free software you already may have on your computer from:
    Adobe Flash

    to view the menus.
    Adobe Acrobat Reader

    to print PDF reports.

    Please note: The Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader install pages may ask if you want to also install other *optional* programs such as McAfee, Chrome or Ask Toolbar. These optional programs are not required by FCDS IDEA.
  • FCDS IDEA supports Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox 31+ and Chrome 30+
  • Contact Melissa Williams 305-243-2641 or for help with FCDS IDEA accounts.
  • Contact Mark Rudolph 305-243-2626 or for technical aspects of FCDS IDEA such as browser problems, Adobe Flash problems, or single entry/upload problems.
  • How to adjust the Panel Size in FCDS IDEA to make it easier to read
  • New FCDS Policy on Edit Over-Rides (forces) - effective January, 7, 2010

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