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Casefinding List (Revised September 2009)

Clarification - Please note the following: 1. ICD-9-CM codes 236.0 Endometrial stroma, low grade (8931/3), 237.5 Ependymoma (epithelial) (malignant) (9391/3), and 237.6 Papillary Meningioma (9538/3) are still reportable to FCDS and fall within the given range of 235.0-238.9 in the new Casefinding List. 2. ICD-9-CM codes 284.9 and 285.0 are no longer used to code refractory anemias. These codes have been deleted from the new list. Refractory anemias are now coded 238.72 through 238.75. 3. ICD-9-CM code 238.7 is no longer in effect.


Healthcare Practitioner Reporting Guidelines of Notifiable Diseases or Conditions in Florida (Revised November 24, 2008)

Laboratory Reporting Guidelines for Notifiable Diseases or Conditions in Florida (Revised November 24, 2008)


Announcement postcard of updated disease reporting guidelines November 20, 2006 (mailed by Florida DOH to Florida Healthcare facilities)


Benign/Borderline Brain and CNS tumors

New reporting requirements: Benign Brain/CNS tumors


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  • February 8, 2002 Letter from John Agwunobi, M.D. M.B.A., Secretary of Florida Department of Health to Florida Path Laboratories describing the requirement for labs to report to FCDS. Image of announcement letter
  • Malignant Cancer Search Terms (use the words in this file to pre-filter the data you upload to FCDS) NAACCR Path Lab Search Terms on NAACCR website, (Text file) or (Excel 2000 file)


    2001 NAACCR Path Data Dictionary_V9.1

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