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  • Starting July 1, FCDS will no longer be accepting NAACCR V14 data files (full cancer abstract submissions). V15 data files will be accepted starting July 1 but will be held unprocessed in a pending area until conversion is completed. The first 2 weeks of July will be used by FCDS for converting to NAACCR V15 and for system maintenance. There will be occasional downtime and service interruptions during this period. Look to the FCDS IDEA main page for status updates.
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  • FCDS IDEA requires free software you already may have on your computer from:
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    Please note: The Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader install pages may ask if you want to also install other optional programs such as Chrome or Ask Toolbar. These optional programs are not required by FCDS IDEA.
  • FCDS IDEA supports Internet Explorer version 9+, Firefox and Chrome. The FCDS Moodle site will not work with older Internet Explorer browsers.
  • Contact Melissa Williams 305-243-2641 or for help with FCDS IDEA accounts.
  • Contact Mark Rudolph 305-243-2626 or for technical aspects of FCDS IDEA such as browser problems, Adobe Flash problems, or single entry/upload problems.
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  • New FCDS Policy on Edit Over-Rides (forces) - effective January, 7, 2010

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